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      Multibase, a Dow Corning company, is your quality partner for Thermoplastic Elastomers and Custom Compounds.


      Multibase offers materials that fit to all major automotive manufacturers worldwide. Well-known in the production of automotive parts, Multiflex? TPE / TPO meet and exceed all properties requested for the production of Airbag covers, under the hood and inside vehicle shapes.Our automotive markets: Automotive safety, Aesthetics, Weather andthermal insulation and reinforcement.

      -Automotive Non-Safety Material Range  

      Multibase provides innovative solutions ranging from standard to high performance SEBS materials providing an excellent balance between costs versus performance interms of compression set / stress relaxation up to 120°C.

      -Automotive Airbag Material Range  

      Multiflex® TPO and TPE-S materials meet all safety and aesthetic requirements for driver, passenger, knee, side and curtain airbag covers.

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